The Pirates set sail for Glastonbury & lots of other good stuff..


Yes folks,

Glastonbury is almost upon us – somewhere The Captain said he’d probably never go in his lifetime out of toilet fear and yet here he is with the chaps setting off into the chaos to deliver a Pirate ballad taster for the masses. And for anyone that knows us, our ballads whip along at a fair old pace so you can keep your lighters in your pockets.

To say we’re excited is somewhat of an understatement but we are immensly proud of this achievement and we hope it will win us many new Pirate friends along the way. To anyone who hasn’t seen the countless posts on Facebook and Twitter we play The Avalon Café stage at 10.30pm on Saturday (Yes, we clash with The Rolling Stones) and Sunday 6.30pm. Pirates or Stones? We’ll let the people decide…

New EP:

For other Pirate shenanigans we have been in the studio recently to record our second EP. Entitled “Nelson’s Folly” it has 4 thumping tunes and more Piratical twists and turns than you can shake a stick at. The tracks are “Those Heady Days Of Decadence”, “Those Fashion Stakes”, “From The Cities To The Shires” and “One Over The Eight”. It’ll be obvious when it’s out ‘cos we’ll start shouting a lot.

New Demo:

Aside from this, there is a brand new demo in our midst called “The Greatest Explorer On Earth” which can be found either on our music page or via the link on the homepage. It’s a very thinly veiled love song about being a much vaunted explorer and yet, of all the discoveries, the one that escapes our hero is the discovery of the love of his paramour. Ah well, one can’t have everything….

New Gigs:

We are pleased to report that we have a healthy gig roster that continues to build apace and whilst Glastonbury will come close to finishing us off, we intend to rally once again for many more festivals and shows throughout the summer/autumn – just take a look at our live page for details.

New Guitarist:

As mentioned previously our guitarist Richard Voyce  has decided to call time as a Pirate for personal reasons. This is probably just as well because we were going to keel haul him anyway by way of punishment. It is sad but these things happen and he heads on his merry way with our love and good wishes. His last show with us will be Glastonbury so he can’t say he didn’t go out with a bang…

An announcement on our new guitarist will come after Glastonbury is over…

And that is it for now in a nutshell. I’m off to stock up on wet wipes and skull & crossbone nappies…


Soon good Pirate people!


The Captain x


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