2014, A New Video & Christmas….

The Captain reporting for duty again good people!

Back in September, we were shouting loud and proud about the release of our single “El Gringo” as we are wont to do. It was mooted back then that a promo video may well be accompanying the single although at the time a date for recording hadn’t been set. Well, that date happened to be Monday 10th November where we and a whole host of our motley crew descended on Pachangas Mexican restaurant in Henley-on-Thames to cause much havoc and merriment. The day began with the band prancing around in our finery and staring meaningfully into the fish-eye lens before the ensemble moved outside to negotiate one of the busiest crossroads known to man. Later in the day, and after copious amounts of rum and sangria, our delightful extras were engaged in some frenzied dancing just to round off a rather hectic and special day.

The video was shot, produced, directed, spliced and diced by the indefatigable Jordan Grant so thanks must go to him for his relentless enthusiasm. Thanks must also go to our glorious hosts for the day, Carlos & Aishling from Pachangas for their unrelenting good humour and hospitality. And finally, thanks must go out to the extras who came dressed to kill to support us and make the video what it became – a mosh pit of rum drenched fun.

Want to see the video? Go here and enjoy.

As for gigs, it was a busy old year where we made a lot of new friends. There were certainly a greater number of tricorns showing up towards the latter part of the year as many more folks climbed on board. Good to meet you kind lads and lasses!

The last couple of gigs of the year were at The Good Ship in London and then The Cellar in Oxford. The Good Ship was quite a night as our forays into London were few and far between last year. The Pirate crew took over the dance floor and turned the gig into a right old sweaty shindig. We signed off at The Cellar with a lower key gig but no less frenzied than before.

And that was it. The guitar cannons have now fallen silent as Christmas hoves into view. A time for us to recharge our piratical batteries, repair floating bridges, oil creaking pots and moisten our necks….and tend to our instruments…

We’ll be back all guns blazing in January for more of this and that and a good helping of the other. Already, gigs/festivals are being booked in for May at apace (keep checking the gig page for dates or our Facebook page) and there will be more coming in for the first quarter so stay tuned.

Finally, there will be a galleon of new material released in demo form in the new year as The Captain takes out his anger, dismay and lewd misgivings on his poisoned pen.

Until we meet again at some rum sodden hustings, I’ll bid ye goodbye and a Happy Christmas to one and all

The Captain x

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