2015 – A Quiet Start

Hello again Pirateers,

The last contact with you was back at Christmas where we were ruminating on what had gone before in terms of gigs, single releases and videos. It was a busy close to the year and so we have fairly ambled our way into 2015 as the batteries get recharged and new guitars get bought and primed.

That’s not to say we haven’t got out of the Pirate bed to put in a few appearances so far. We’ve had a couple of shows at The Wheatsheaf in Oxford, the latest being an absolute stormer of a show for those lovely people at Klub Kakofanney earlier this month. It was touch and go whether I would actually make the gig as I was struck down with a seasonal virus powered by a cough and streaming head cold. Two solid days of Olbas Oil inhalation and I was able to make the show but with some trepidation. I needn’t have worried as The Pirates were at the top of their game – as were the punters who decided an impromptu conga to Bring Out Your Dead was the order of the day.

I promised back in December ye shall get some new material this year and new material ye shall get! – starting with our latest demo “The Hangman’s Moratorium” which can be heard on this here site or on SoundCloud. There will be more on the way too so stay tuned…

Gigwise, it looks like someone has got it in for us in May as that month is already pretty much full with dates (see the gig page for details) with some highlights being our appearance at this year’s Oxford Punt festival and the Cursus Cider & Music festival in Dorset – both of which should be an absolute hoot and an utter debauched mess if we’re lucky. Gigs are being added all the time so keep checking this site or our Facebook page.

As the weather improves and red wine is spurned in favour of white, The Pirates are busy rehearsing and writing and generally drinking too much in order to get themselves back on track.

Dust off your dancing trousers and get your backsides on the dancefloor. We look forward to seeing you again…

The Captain x

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