Sailing on…banging on…

Ahoy there Pirate followers,

It has been a little while since The Captain reported for duty on this here page. Usually coming armed with a swag bag of tales for all random things PP, this time it is but a vintage file, in bound dark brown leather.

The previous post had us entrenched in a quiet start to the year looking ahead to the arrival of May and the plethora of shows that came with it. Two major highlights of that month saw us take to the stage at The Cellar in Oxford as part of The Punt festival. A “grab-an-armband-and-race-around-the-city” kind of affair that had the tide of crowds swelling and subsiding in equal measures throughout the evening. We got up, started fast and got faster as one reviewer deliciously put it. I think we made our point.

Then we played a Sunday afternoon slot at The Cursus Cider & Music Festival down in Dorset. A cider festival in Dorset was always going to be what everyone would expect a cider festival in Dorset to be…more conga lines to “Bring Out Your Dead” and stray sheafs of hay making their way into your socks. Fair to say we did indeed have an absolute blast.

If we assumed that was the end to the mayhem we couldn’t have been more wrong. Next up was an appearance at a private little festival in The Malverns. The giant teepee was rocking on its ropes as we inflicted over an hour’s set upon a wild dancefloor of individuals already three sheets to the wind on this and that and great helpings of the other. I suspect we just about finished them off.

And then came the pirate party itself at The Corridor in Oxford. An excuse, if one was needed, to dress a little more flamboyantly and, more importantly, to bring along the fruits of some home baking in the form of pirate cakes. Is there no end to the talents of the Pirate crew? It would seem not. What else could we do but squeeze ourselves up one end of the bar and give them a frenzied Pirate set to send them on their way….

And so it goes on really. There has been an incredible amount of busyness in the form of shows of late with many more on the horizon that we can’t wait to get stuck into.

New material, rest assured, is on the way, albeit a little slower than planned due to all the gigs. As and when windows of opportunity present themselves then thy will be done and the pen of sordid adventures will be deployed once more to continue this rum sodden bandwagon.

Keep your eyes peeled for new stuff, gigs and general piratical ramblings on this site or via the many social media outlets we have gatecrashed of late.

Until the next installment!


The Captain x

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