2015 Goodbye:Hello 2016

And there we have it – 2015 sails off towards the horizon leaving behind it a trail of piratical notoriety. And what a year it was – one that began quietly enough but ended up inducing a collective nosebleed.

Some of the year’s highlights could be said to be our first appearance at The Oxford Punt Festival, The Cursus Cider Festival in Dorset, Charlbury Riverside Festival, Norden Farm Arts Centre in Maidenhead (where nonplussed staff had to witness the first ever conga to swirl in and out of the auditorium), supports to the likes of The Monochrome Set and Big Country, and a couple of local “Pirate Soirée” evenings where we were the ultimate guests of dishonour.

A mention must also go out to our final show of 2015 at The Cellar in Oxford where, unbeknownst to everyone, an Oxford Pirate reenactment group (The River Rogues) decided to show up en masse replete with piratical garb, delicious armoury, and rum stained tankards waving in the breeze. Their appearance had nothing to do with us and yet highlighted the unrelenting progress we had made over the year in getting people to embrace what, let’s face it, resides deep inside the soul of every one of us – a liking for a good party. Where there is rum. Always where there is rum.

Now then, I feel duty bound to disclose that in October 2015 we embarked on an epic voyage of recording sessions that will eventually result in the release of our debut album around Springtime 2016.

To say this album is overdue would be an understatement – seeing as we have amassed a treasure chest of enough sonic booty to fill 3 long players and have been careering about like a bunch of seafaring dandy idiots for far longer than we’d care to admit.

And to claim this album is eagerly awaited would, of course, be a massive presumption. However, either way, you’re all going to get it – whether you decide to purchase it or not because it is something that will encompass the best of what we have been presenting over the past few years. Whether it proves to be a swansong or the birth of the second coming only time will tell. What we do know is that one and all will need to be strapping down their legs when they fire it up.

And so there is little left but to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and an even happier, healthier and wealthier New Year to come.

I’m now going to use the seasonal hiatus to create some more mellifluous seedy nonsense which will no doubt be dribbled out in demo form at some point in early 2016 followed by THE ALBUM OF DREAMS.

See. Capitals for emphasis…

Love to one and all

The Captain X

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