Debut Album … Finally!


Yes folks it has taken its sweet merry time in getting here but The Pirates can finally proudly announce the release of their debut album. In reality this release is somewhat overdue considering we have been banging on in some shape or form since 2008 but, in truth, this current line up has only been performing in earnest over the past couple of years. Much has been achieved in that time with the bedding in of a new guitarist, the release of an EP, an official music video to accompany our El Gringo single, countless festivals and gigs and now, at last the album.

By stating that it was recorded and engineered by our guitarist and mixed and mastered by yours truly and our guitarist over the past 6 months I think you can see emerging the pattern I’m trying to get across. Only we would know how we are expected to sound above any other knob twiddler out there and to that end we vowed to record, mix and master the whole caboodle ourselves to present something that we believe is now totally “us” for reasons stated.

It doesn’t have a title because we felt it didn’t need one. It speaks for itself in being a documented line in the sand collection of most of the material we have been peddling live over the years. Tracks previously released on the Nelson’s Folly EP were not included on the album and neither was our single El Gringo which we felt offered an altogether alternative flavour to the one with which have become synonymous. There were 4 or 5 other tracks which didn’t quite make the cut but which will no doubt be released in some shape or form over the coming months. There’s no wastage from them thar Pirate stockpiles…

The album launch show at The O2 Academy in Oxford last Saturday (4th June) was an effort to make the big announcement in a way we like to think we do best – by making an unearthly racket of monumental proportions. And so it proved. The evening was healthily attended and well received and many left clutching their copies drenched in sweat. And that was that. The launch over we now have an album to push and push it we will, for if ever there was a definitive introduction to what we can deliver then this 14 tracker has to be it. Go and grab a copy at our store and become reacquainted.

Aside from album flurries we are now finally starting to tread the boards once more as we have a few festivals and gigs in the pipeline with more being added regularly. Keep tuned into our gigs section to keep up to date with where you can catch a pirate bash.

This here page only really gets updated every few months when I remember to tune in but if you wish to be kept abreast of more immediate happenings then the necessary evil that is the Facebook page is well worth liking and following. All associated pirate related stuff usually lands there first.

As for future plans – well, we will continue to push the album for a fair while before following with a new EP, new material and possibly, looking ahead further, another official music video….all enough to keep us out of trouble for a long time or deep in it depending on your viewpoint.

And on that wave of ignominy, I shall bid ye readers a fond adieux until I moor up here once again.

Love to all and Avast!

The Captain x

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