Pirate Ponderings…

Hello good people, The Captain here…for more musings on all things pirate.

We have been quiet by our standards. Very quiet. Some of you may have noticed. Others may not, but quiet we have been – but not through choice.

It was a good 6 months ago now that I last addressed you all with an announcement of a new drummer and a raft of good intentions to take 2017 by storm. As with all best laid endeavours, not everything always tends to go to plan and, at the turn of the year, we could not have foreseen another resignation in our ranks. This time it was the turn of our whirlwind of a guitarist Kyle Mundy who graciously gave notice of his intention to disembark our good ship and set off in search of something that didn’t involve thrashing 6 strings with his hair.

All of this irksome botheration has somewhat scuppered our plans to a) move away from the old set of songs or b) release any new material. With each departing crew member we have had to focus our attention on bringing someone new up to speed and that has meant a stay of execution for some of the old songs.

Still, it has to be first things first and to this end The Pirates are currently locked away in auditioning players for the now vacant lead guitar role. Once another guitarist steps into Kyle’s simmering shoes we shall be up and away once more on a trajectory to the nice new good stuff we hoped to release a while ago.

In an effort in keeping our toes wet, we do have a couple of shows coming up this summer which will be our first with whoever new happens to be occupying stage right. We have a nice little slot on The Hobgoblin Stage at Wychwood Festival on Sunday 4th June followed by an appearance at Heddstock Festival on Saturday 8th July.

Sometimes it is good to take a step back and re-group and after peddling our wares for a good few years now this break should do us more good than harm so we can return fresh as daisies to unleash some new and re-vamped piratical material on you all.

Stay tuned!

Avast! (for now)

The Captain x

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