More things Pirate…

It’s about time I delivered some more Pirate news seeing as I haven’t been on here since banging on about our EP back in October. A lot has happened or is currently happening that it would be a neglection of my duties not to bring you back up to speed with events.

After the heights of Glastonbury last year we went on to play a few decent gigs supporting the likes of The Monochrome Set, Mad Dog Mcrea and My Life Story to name but a few which rounded the year off nicely.

Into 2014 and we set off on the gigging trail again playing a couple of gigs in Oxford (to packed houses which was a pleasant surprise) and Banbury.


In early April we were honoured to be asked to head into a London studio to record some tracks as part of some course work by a couple of recording engineering students.  We decided to take a slightly different angle to the norm and record them totally live straight to the desk. The whole session was a hoot! In due course this recording should see the light of day as an official “live EP” release with a bit of luck.

We also took part in the “Are You Listening Festival” in Reading playing a set to an enthusiastic crowd at Pavlov’s Dog – made all the more chaotic by our errant guitarist, a certain Mr Kyle Mundy, getting delayed on his way to the venue which meant we had to hastily re-arrange the set list and kick off as a 3 piece. As the VW Scirocco screeched to a halt outside and the dapper garments were applied, he came running in with his amp and bag of things and dutifully joined in the set. It was an engaging sideshow to the main event.


So far this year we have released 2 new demos – namely “El Gringo” and “Your Grace”. Both tracks have already featured on BBC Introducing Oxford with “El Gringo” being lined up as a single release with accompanying promo video. Much more news to come on this as we get it 🙂


Our drummer, Mr Barry Short decided to get married to his lovely lady Amy Bee and turn his wedding reception into WedFest 2014 – a marriage/wedding event like no other with bands playing on a main stage with hog roasts, BBQs and streams of rum galore. The Pirates put in an appearance of course with Mr Short holding it together sufficiently to execute each unexpected middle 8 with aplomb.

And so we look ahead to the summer with countless festival and gig appearances already lined up with more stuff being added all the time.

Onwards and upwards you motley crew…


The Captain x


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Nelson’s Folly EP


Yes Pirate folks, as promised, the second EP arrives like a shot of rum. It burns a bit at first but is ultimately satisfying.

Carrying 4 tracks of varying tempo, “Those Heady Days Of Decadence”, “Those Fashion Stakes”, “From The Cities To The Shires” and “One Over The Eight”, we trust it will bring a smile to your collective chops.

The CD will be available to purchase soon from this here website on the “Store” page or at gigs. In the meantime there are sampler tracks on the “Music” page and currently Amazon are offering .mp3 downloads which are ok for a listen but are inferior quality to the CDs.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this peace offering and hope to see you at the forthcoming gigs!


The Captain x x x x

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Autumn Pirates!

Hello good Pirate people,

Glastonbury Festival:

It’s been a fair while since this news page was updated (laziness and life..) but it seems like only yesterday that we were stepping out at Glastonbury on the Saturday night to entertain the masses that had been stolen from us by The Rolling Stones! The bastards! Luckily for us, there were hordes of people who couldn’t be bothered to sit through their 5 hour set and duly returned to continue their Pirate duties. In the end we overran and still got an encore 🙂

It was up there with some of the more heady shows we’ve done. We couldn’t believe we were actually there and are still grateful for the opportunity. The Sunday show was an altogether more relaxed soiree seeing as one giant hangover was being shared between the band and audience alike but, hey, a Pirate set at half mast is still a rollicking affair at the best of times so there was no real let up in the fun.

Goodbye Richard/Hello Kyle:

The only low point from the Glastonbury weekend was that we had to wave a sad bon voyage to our hitherto Pirate brother of 3 years Richard Voyce who has now relinquished the lead guitar duties and passed them onto our new recruit – a certain Kyle Mundy. Those of you who have made any of our shows since will have seen that Kyle is a talented plank spanker who sports the meanest devil’s beard this side of the M4. Welcome aboard Sir. This ship welcomes you!

Gigs and more gigs:

Whilst there has been a certain oversight in keeping these posts up to date, we certainly haven’t been resting on our laurels and have been busy both live and in the studio. We appeared at a number of other festivals throughout the summer including Bodfest ’13, Hastings Pirate Day, Banbury Wheatsheaf and Rugby Music Festival and have now settled back into regular venues once more.

We do have some rather exciting shows on the horizon which we are extremely excited about. Check out the “Live” page for more details but we appear at the “One Gig Closer To Wittstock” show at The Jericho Tavern in Oxford on Sat 21st September. Then we are delighted to announce a support slot with The Monchrome Set, also at The Jericho Tavern in Oxford on Friday 25th October. There’s a lashing of hero worship going on there on my part. Check them out, you’ll likely spot the influences.

Finally, we have a Halloween Special on Saturday 2nd November at The Good Ship, Kilburn, London. With the date being what it is I won’t know whether to dress as Dracula or Guy Fawkes. I shall probably end up dressing as I normally do which is pretty much an approximation of both.


I did mention that we had recorded another EP a while back and, whilst that is no word of a lie, the final mixing and mastering is still yet to be finalised having been shelved whilst we got some gigs out the way and got our new guitarist up to speed on the songs. Now both have come to fruition we shall be turning our attention once more to getting the EP release over the line.

And that just about brings us up to date with most things Pirate. There will of course be further gigs and other assorted nautical mutterings along the way so keep checking this site or our Facebook/Twitter posts for news.

Ta ta for now you rabble…


The Captain x

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The Pirates set sail for Glastonbury & lots of other good stuff..


Yes folks,

Glastonbury is almost upon us – somewhere The Captain said he’d probably never go in his lifetime out of toilet fear and yet here he is with the chaps setting off into the chaos to deliver a Pirate ballad taster for the masses. And for anyone that knows us, our ballads whip along at a fair old pace so you can keep your lighters in your pockets.

To say we’re excited is somewhat of an understatement but we are immensly proud of this achievement and we hope it will win us many new Pirate friends along the way. To anyone who hasn’t seen the countless posts on Facebook and Twitter we play The Avalon Café stage at 10.30pm on Saturday (Yes, we clash with The Rolling Stones) and Sunday 6.30pm. Pirates or Stones? We’ll let the people decide…

New EP:

For other Pirate shenanigans we have been in the studio recently to record our second EP. Entitled “Nelson’s Folly” it has 4 thumping tunes and more Piratical twists and turns than you can shake a stick at. The tracks are “Those Heady Days Of Decadence”, “Those Fashion Stakes”, “From The Cities To The Shires” and “One Over The Eight”. It’ll be obvious when it’s out ‘cos we’ll start shouting a lot.

New Demo:

Aside from this, there is a brand new demo in our midst called “The Greatest Explorer On Earth” which can be found either on our music page or via the link on the homepage. It’s a very thinly veiled love song about being a much vaunted explorer and yet, of all the discoveries, the one that escapes our hero is the discovery of the love of his paramour. Ah well, one can’t have everything….

New Gigs:

We are pleased to report that we have a healthy gig roster that continues to build apace and whilst Glastonbury will come close to finishing us off, we intend to rally once again for many more festivals and shows throughout the summer/autumn – just take a look at our live page for details.

New Guitarist:

As mentioned previously our guitarist Richard Voyce  has decided to call time as a Pirate for personal reasons. This is probably just as well because we were going to keel haul him anyway by way of punishment. It is sad but these things happen and he heads on his merry way with our love and good wishes. His last show with us will be Glastonbury so he can’t say he didn’t go out with a bang…

An announcement on our new guitarist will come after Glastonbury is over…

And that is it for now in a nutshell. I’m off to stock up on wet wipes and skull & crossbone nappies…


Soon good Pirate people!


The Captain x


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Glastonbury & Guitarists…

Hello Pirate people,
It has been a while since the last update at the beginning of the year. For that we apologise…

Despite our best intentions, circumstances conspired against us and the recording of our next EP, which was due in February, then got pushed to early April which in turn has now got pushed to early June. With some steely determination we hope to make sure early June now sticks and so will be looking at late June for the EP release.

In the meantime, most of our focus has been in securing a number of gigs and festival appearances for the summer including, we are delighted to report, an appearance at Glastonbury Festival. We will be performing 2 sets on the Avalon Café stage  (times tbc). For all dates take a look at our live page.

At this point we are also sad to announce that Pirate Rich, our guitarist, will be taking leave of his duties having handed in his notice for personal reasons. He will continue to play with us at 2 or 3 select gigs (including Glastonbury) whilst we go through the process of securing his replacement. For those shows he cannot attend, we shall be stepping out as a 3 piece which is something of a weird experience for the rest of us but rest assured we can still make enough noise – even with a man down.

There are other treats in the Pirate pipeline so watch this or any other Pirate space for details as they happen.

‘Tis all for now…


The Pirates x x x x

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Happy New Year 2013!!

Yes folks, here we are with another new year and plenty on the horizon to excite Pirate friends and fans.

The New Year was kicked off with a bang last Saturday with a storming show at The Good Ship in Kilburn, London as part of a 5 band bill. The place was packed and we’d like to thank all those that not only took the trouble to turn up but also dance like there really was no tomorrow. A special mention must also go to the main act of the evening Giles Likes Tea who kept us all dancing after The Pirates had done their thing….

Looking ahead there’s some tasty stuff coming our way. We’ve got an hour long show at a new venue called Aylesbury Shootpool (yes, in Aylesbury) which is bascially a late night haunt where people can play pool and listen to bands. On Friday 25th Jan it’s our turn and we take to the stage at midnight – not for the faint hearted but worth turning out for and it’s free!

In February we hope to head back into the studio to record our second EP. We will most probably stick with the guys (Oxfordshire Music Rooms) who did such a good job on our free give away track “Those Fashion Stakes” which, incidentally,  is still available as a free download from this site via Soundcloud.

At the beginning of May we are back at The Good Ship in Kilburn again supporting Giles Likes Tea (bit of mutual respect thing going on here…) and the end of May sees us playing Lechlade Festival in the Cotswolds.

So, after a rather quiet and lazy end to 2012 where we disappeared off the scene for a while to recharge our batteries, you can rest assured that we are back in 2013 to cause more havoc and mayhem at a venue near you soon.

Also, watch out for some new material and website which will be surfacing shortly!

It’s all go…


The Pirates x x x x



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Happy “International Talk Like A Pirate Day” !!!!

Yes folks,

Today is officially “International Talk Like A Pirate Day” where madmen and women throughout the globe babble on incoherently in Pirate tongue for no reason whatsoever.

We, as purveyors of this fine art, are celebrating the day by offering a free download of our track “The Ghost Of Captain Kidd” from our debut EP for a limited period only.

All takers can go here for the download:

If you like what you hear then the EP is available for purchase on our store page via a number of different outlets and formats.

Happy “Talk Like A Pirate Day” Pirate people!


The Pirates x x x x


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Debut EP – “Thieves & Miscreants”

Yay. The long overdue EP is almost upon us folks. We hope you think it has been worth the wait. It features “The Ghost Of  Captain Kidd”, “Throw Down The Gauntlet”, “Palaver At The Harbour” and a live studio version of “Bring Out Your Dead”.

We would have loved to have given you more but we’ll have to save that for the album.  Hopefully these 4 pirate ditties will keep you sated for a little while…

The EP launch party/gig is happening at The Wheatsheaf in Oxford on Saturday 26th May (check out the live page) so get yourselves down for what is going to be one royal Pirate knees up.

The EP will be available to purchase in CD form at gigs and also through the shop on this site before becoming available as payable digital downloads through the likes of iTunes, Spotify etc in a few weeks.

Keep Pirating you scurvy crew…

The Pirates x x x x

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Recharged Radio Live Session

Well Pirate friends, we had a blast last Friday when we dropped in on Recharged Radio for their “Live at Hackney Road” session.

We played 6 songs and had a little chat.

For anyone who missed the show there is a temporary podcast available at Look for “20.04.12 Live at Hackney Road”. We are featured from 16:50 mins in.


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EP Recording Complete…

Yes folks, we have finished recording our debut EP and we are just in the process of putting the very final touches to the mixes before mastering so expect to see something in Pirate form around the middle of May…

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